Emergency Contact by Mary H K Choi : cute texting and shy girls and baker boys

This is entirely adorable and I love it.

Look, I think I have two settings when it comes to favorite genres that I’d read in one setting: either the darkest, stabbiest high fantasy out there with court intrigue and pretty daggers … or fun cutesy fluffy romantic contemporaries. I love both equally. They’re the ones who earn allll the five stars from me.

I know, I know. My settings are two extremes. But it’s true.


Keep in mind that because I love this genre, I went in a bit skeptical because, you know, EMERGENCY CONTACT looked like basically GEEKERELLA (which I adore to pieces) but without the retelling aspect. I couldn’t help but compare the two on instinct and feel nervous for EC, because it looked like it had big shoes to fill.


Should I have worried? *shakes head vehemently*






Penny and Sam are so adorable, I want to eat a brick wall. Like, it kind of drove me crazy how adorkable these two were. I mean, when they first meet, they’re accidentally wearing the same outfit (!!). Seriously. And then they swap numbers and the texting begins and … yeah. Adorable book is adorable.



Mary H K Choi is legit a writing goddess. This has to be one of the funniest books I’ve ever read … and disclaimer: I’m picky with humor. And yet this was perfect. There’s something about Choi’s voice that gives the reader the impression that’s she’s waaaay cooler than you (like, there were some references i didn’t really get because I apparently live under a rock, or so it seemed) and just … I don’t know. This author’s style is so distinctive that if you were to remove any context from a page, I’d be able to tell you right away that this is Choi.





Shout out to Sam for being a literal mess, albeit a cute one. It’s been a while since I met a character worthy enough to be added to the master list of all-time faves, but ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that Sam Becker made the cut.



Also: the cover is absolutely gorgeous and I need to get myself a finished copy. Seriously. The illustrations are 😍 and the pink and gold is making me jealous. From a cover, no less.


So all in all? Pleeeease read this and come yell with me about its stuff, both spoilery and not. Please. You’ll love this one.


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