10 Autumn-y Reads This Fall : many leaves, many books, many pumpkins


When one hears the word “fall”, they immediately think “leaf”. Or “Halloween”. Or “pumpkin”.


And when two hear the word “fall”, they think “leaf-leaf”. Or “Halloween-Halloween”. Or “pumpkin-pumpkin”.


Get it? Because they’re more than one, and so I took each word and –




Well, sheesh. I was just making sure.




I plan out the year by marking book releases per month. So if you say, for example, June 2017, I’ll automatically yell, off the top of my head, “WHAT I LOST” and “OUR DARK DUET” without preamble. You have been warned.


Surely I’m not the only one that does that?? Please tell me I’m not alone.




Today, I’ll be linking up with Top Ten Tuesday with the prompt Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR List. In a startling turn of events, I’ll actually be following the prompt exactly, and word for word.


Well, to be fair, there isn’t much tweaking I can do it to be my rebellious self. But whatever. You take credit where you can find it, right? No? Okay then.



Plus, now’s the time of the year where I decorate my bookshelf according to the season. (stay tuned for mini Santa hats on my hardcovers in December. THEY’RE ADORABLE.) Please tell me you noticed the mini pumpkins and autumn leaves near the bookshelf near my usual pink flowers?? No?? Well, if you’re too lazy to scroll back up, I’ll put another pic up here. Relax.









Let’s get started.


[side note: all covers link to Goodreads! So click away to your heart’s content. Some are released by the time this gets posted, others are yet to come. Oh! And I’m not sorry for expanding your TBR stack MWAHAHAHAHA. It’s kind of what I do.]



1. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo




First off, you cannot say no to a fabulous cover such as the one above. Just look at it. Secondly, it’s a Leigh book, who is *this* close to being an auto-buy author for me (I’m not much interested in WW, sorry. I’m not a superhero fan, sadly.


*ducks flying tomatoes*


But for Leigh I might make an exception! There. Quit with the tomato throwing, please. This is my favorite shirt).


And thirdly? LB is so ridiculously talented in writing the Grishaverse short stories. I’ve read the original three online, hmm … last year? I think that’s about right. And I LOVED ‘EM. Give me more, please.



2. A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland




Again: that cover. Also: that synopsis sounds so very interesting? Like, very very very interesting? And I feel like that shoudn’t matter much because Sutherland made something fresh out of a very recycled premise in Our Chemical Hearts, so imagine what she could do with an unusual idea? I’m so here for this. And I’m hearing nothing but praise for it, and some people are saying it’s a sad book?


Well, now I’m simultaneously excited and scared. It’s an awesome feeling. 10/10 would not recommend.



3. Warcross by Marie Lu




New Marie Lu! And I’m trying to keep an open mind here because I, Nina, am one of those weird outlier readers who did not Legend. Or Prodigy. And gave up Champion. Sorry! But hacking addicting games and high-tech settings sound like my kind of thing, so hopefully I won’t be having that Marie-Lu-blacksheep moment again. And oh! I’ll also be seeing Marie on tour for this (if you’re going to TTBF this year in Austin [yup, guess who’s road-tripping? meeee], please YELL AT ME TO LET ME KNOW!)


Also: people either loathe this cover or love it, and I’m not sure to which category I belong to?? I mean, if I look at it one way, I like it, but then I turn my head ever so slightly, and I hate it. I IS QUITE CONFUSED. My verdict is this: if you stare at it too long, it looks ugly. If you squint at a safe distance of 65 meters away, you’re fine.



Me, to Warcross. Except I say it nicely.



4. The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook




I actually have an ARC of this one (thank you, HMH!), so that’s pretty exciting. And I’m a stop on its blog tour! This is going to be my first Eileen Cook novel – no, I have not read With Malice, though I should. The premise sounds a bit similar to The Raven Boys with all the future-reading and tarot-card-flipping, which is not exactly new, but I love nonetheless should it be pulled off fabulously. And it’s a thriller/mystery sort of book, and I believe I’ve spent the entire year yelling about how much more I’d like to see YA thriller books out there.


Universe: You asked for thrillers? Well, here ya go, Nina!


Me, under a stack of heavy hardcovers dropped haphazardly from the sky: Why, thank you .. *shifts and groans* .. u-universe.





5. All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater




A Stiefvater novel! It sounds (and even looks) quite unique. Historical fiction? And miracle-y magic? And sibling-y main characters? And Stiefvater? YAS PLEASE.


And to the bubbling controversy about this: I’m on the let’s-read-this-first-and-then-get-offended-if-there-is-offence-to-be-taken side. Let’s not judge a book by its sloppily written synopsis, okay? We’re better than this.



6. A Darker Shade of Magic: Collectors’ Edition (!!!) by VE Schwab











7. Whichwood by Tahereh Mafi




Okay, so .. this is apparently an MG novel?? But the synopsis is more than a little daaaark? (In a good way, in an interesting way, but .. yeah, I sure as hell wouldn’t give this to my little sister). Anyways. It does sound unique and a little daring, and I’m so here for that.


Plus, have you seen that cover? I just noticed that her hijab matches the roses covered in snowflakes! And that little spider hovering on top! Can I get this as a poster, please? Or an iPhone wallpaper? Or on a BILLBOARD? I don’t know what it is about 2017 covers, but they. are. gorgeous.


Bless this year.


(Except for the fact that 2017 brought the hardest college courses and three (three!) hurricanes lurking in the Atlantic, including the one that slammed my city. *shakes fist* But on a bookish perspective? Yeah, bless this year).




8. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green




Finally, new John Green! I looove his books. I love ’em. They have a lightness to them that borders on fluffy, but isn’t. And that is such a hard quality to achieve, and yet he does it. Easily.


And John Green is an awesome person.


Plus, this sounds the most .. serious? of his books. And action-y. And a bit deeper than the rest. ‘Excited’ is such an understatement.


But seriously though: what is the heck is going on with that cover? And that font? It’s even uglier than Warcross’ cover (and that’s saying a lot). It broke 2017’s gorgeous cover streak.


And most importantly:





9. This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis




I’ve never read a Mindy McGinnis book before (mainly because the premises never really appealed to me), but this one sounds positively creepily interesting, so this author is definitely on my radar now. And that cover looks really really cool (a lot of people don’t like it, maybe because it looks more like a movie poster than a book cover, I guess? But still). And, again: another thriller! I am quite satisfied. Quite.




10. There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins




This is a classic example of how-to-title-a-book-to-capture-Nina’s-attention. And you absolutely cannot tell this doesn’t sound interesting, what with that synopsis and that title and that creepy cover in pink neon lights of death.


And am I the only one that actually wants to go up that creepy staircase? I am defying all horror movie logic MWAHAHAHA.



So, verdict: I shall be broke by the end of the year. But at least I’ll have pretty books to comfort me. #PositiveBookishPerspectives




So, tell me: which of these releases are you
most excited about? Which have the
prettiest covers (and do you buy books based
on covers or authors or synopsis-es [or whatever
the plural for that is]). And did I forget any books
on this list? 




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