Thanksgiving for Books : ft. turkeys, pecan pie, and YA books


As you may have heard, it’s finally Thanksgiving week in the US!


Which, to a busy student with college courses stacked haphazardly on top of her, Thanksgiving break means: a break from the incessant torture that is classes and grades and all that fun stuff (ha no).


And, to a reader with barely enough time to read, it means: a week to try to shove in as many books as would fit (my goal for my week off, by the way, is 5 books in 7 days. We’ll see how that goes. Assuming, you know, my eyeballs survive all those words.)



Today I’ll be linking up with Top Ten Tuesday with their prompt: Ten Books I’m Thankful For! Which should be interesting, and certainly fun, seeing as how I’m thankful to books in general for being their gorgeous self.


It’s worth noting. however, that I’m obviously not posting this Top Ten Tuesday thingy on a Tuesday, because Thanksgiving ain’t on that day, son. It’s on Thursday. So here I am.




Look at the gorgeousness. JUST LOOK AT IT.


What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard

for having phenomenal anorexia rep


The main reason I’m starting this post off with this book, to be honest, is because of the fabulous, I repeat, the FABULOUS anorexia rep. Which means a lot to me. Because, um, *taps mic*: We need MORE YA books talking about eating disorders, please? Preferably anorexia? There’s barely any. Please and thank you.

Plus, that cover is so pretty! I particularly love the back of the finished copy of the book (which I sadly don’t have; so we’ll just make do with the ARC) where there’s a nutrition facts chart with 0 calories. That, my friends, is seeing an opportunity and taking it. Love love love.


I had so. much. fun. setting this up. It was basically CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE AAAHH



The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

for its creepy dark feminist fairytale retellings-ness


There really is nothing more satisfying than discovering a book is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. Especially when the inside is not just pretty, but exceeding in expectations, and downright fabulous.

It’s really no secret, therefore, that I adored the everything out of TLoT. Because Leigh’s writing and the daaaark subject matter and my love of all things Grisha-related should be enough to justify its appearance on this list.

Because I’m hella thankful for its gorgeous creepy existence.


Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik

for its impressive autism rep



While its true that there are many YA books running around claiming they present good ASD rep, more often than not, they … don’t. Not really. And harmful, inaccurate rep is one of the few things that crack my calm façade and make me want to hurl the book into a void. Or just do this:


Because honestly.


But this one? I loved it. And what makes Things I Should Have Known even more special is the fact that LaZebnik coauthored a non-fiction book about ASD, so she knows her stuff.


Plus, that slap-anything-together-and-call-it-a-book-cover is actually quite pretty and reminds me of the effort I put into my life in general.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

for being a fabulous work of art as well as a novel


I loooove uniquely-formatted books. I LOVE ‘EM. The first of that particular kind that I’ve picked up would be Zusak’s The Book Thief, and, well, I haven’t stopped hunting down pretty formats since.

And Illuminae is set in space! And has pie charts and schematics and text messages and all that.

To this day, I haven’t decided which is prettier: dust jacket on, or dust jacket off.


It remains a conundrum.


Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner


for showing me that I can cry repeatedly over a book



First of all: pleeease tell me you noticed that little Santa hat on top of my book? Yes? I dress up my books for the seasons. I had pumpkins and autumn leaves on my bookshelf for October, and I just changed it up in Thanksgiving week. AND IT LOOKS ADORABLE.


But I digress.


Goodbye Days is that one book that made me cry repeadedly and profusely, which I thought I could not do. And yet, it proved me wrong?? And made me emotional?? What are these unwanted emotions. How do I ask for a refund.




The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski


for being that one book that I wouldn’t mind reading again and again and again



It is no secret that Marie Rutkoski is a writing queen and I am therefore unsurprisingly destined to love each and every one of her intelligent sassy sweet brain children. I love her books and this series and shall gladly reread them until I have them memorized.


I have yet to achieve that goal, so guESS WHICH BOOK I’M HOLDING NOW?


*laughs maniacally while stroking the pretty cover*


Plus, Kestrel is my actual role model. Bless intelligent quiet stabby girls in pretty dresses.


This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

for introducing me to the universe’s kind gift that is my little cinnamon roll, August Flynn




Why yes, hello, I’d like to introduce you all to August Flynn, who is quiet and musical and easily flustered and all-around adorable. And I am very thankful, indeed, to V for creating him (hellooo there, all-time favorite author). For this we are all blessed.

Oh! And for the most iconic duo, Kate and August, for being their awesome selves.


And lastly, I am thankful for (and this is seriously #ThrowbackThursday) ..


Divergent by Veronica Roth

for being the first YA book I’ve ever read


.. when I was in, like, middle school. I probably would not find this book as captivating as I did back then, but holy turkey-and-pecan-pie did I find it great when I was younger. And it put me on the path to YA-ness, so that’s kiiinda important to me.




So, tell me: Which books are YOU thankful for?
Do you remember the 1st YA book you read?
And if Thanksgiving is your thing:
What are you doing this Thanksgiving?





6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for Books : ft. turkeys, pecan pie, and YA books

  1. I LOVED Illuminae! I listened to the audiobook and it was amazing! I’m looking forward to getting the hardcover because it is simply amazing! Also, Divergent reeled my into the YA genre. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    1. I’ve heard so many great things about the audiobook (something about the immersive experience and sound effects? Correct me if I’m wrong!) and oh my goodness, the hard copy is just a work of ART. And happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. AHH THERE IS SO MUCH TO LOVE IN THIS POST! Also your photos are GORGEOUS and I’m just going to sit here and stare in appreciation at those gorgeous book spines and angles. (And the Christmassy feel is lovely.😍😍)

    And afjdskald I love Illuminae and This Savage Song/Our Dark Duet (August is the most precious cinnamon son of them ALL). I also really really loved Things I Should Have Known!! It was all so CUTE and like the ASD rep was accurate and really encouraging and 😭💖💖 We deserve more good autism books like that!! And Language Of Thorns!? SO FREAKING FANTASTIC. So basically I’m just here to flail with you over all the books too.😂😂

    (Also I can’t remember if my first YA book was The Hunger Games or not?!? I think it might’ve been!)

  3. I love that cover of Things We Lost!! Such a nice eatable cover😍😍😍 I’m glad it’s just as good inside. I haven’t started Illuminae yet but I’m reading Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and I REALLY like it! The Winner’s curse was okay to me. I like Kestrel for being a smart, strategical thinker but I much prefer books with action and battles and all that😊 I finished This Savage Song about a week ago and the concept is pure genius!!! I love August with all my heart (not Kate though. She pissed me off). I haven’t started Our Dark Duet but I should read that next year😂😂😂
    P.S. Your pictures are GORGEOUS. I’m going to check if you have a bookstagram now. Got to follow that!😄

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