This Heart of Mine by CC Hunter : transplants and mysteries in Houston



The first thing you should know is that this book is perfect.


Yes, I’m totally serious.


What I absolutely loved about THIS HEART OF MINE is that it is set in Houston, talks about heart transplants, and follows identical twins. I am a Houstonian, a pre-med student hoping to become a heart surgeon, and am a HUGE fan of twin stories. Conclusion? THIS BOOK WAS MADE FOR ME. It totally was. Don’t deny me this fact.


In a nutshell, THIS HEART OF MINE follows Leah, who receives the heart of her classmate and proceeds to have creepy dreams that seem to be coming from him. (<— which sounds sO COOL OH MY GOD). Basically, Leah and the donor’s twin, Matt, try to figure out what’s going on.


Leah and Matt work fabulously together. They spend time tryin to piece together their shared dreams and experiences in an effort to prove that Eric, Matt’s twin, did not commit suicide. There is the heavier side of things, such as dealing with Eric’s loss and Matt’s subsequent devastation, the hopeful side, and the lighter side. The novel is capable of presenting all three.


The supporting cast is amazing. I particularly love Dr Hughes, Leah’s doctor. She’s kind and friendly and understanding and fiercely passionate about her job. It was great to see a doctor portrayed in a positive manner, honestly, because sticking to procedures and therapy post-transplant surgery is often seen as tiresome and irrelevant, which wasn’t the case here.


I seriously could not predict how the events would play out. THIS HEART OF MINE could also, though not originally, function as a mystery novel. And much as I tried to put the pieces together, I was legit surprised by the ending.


And CC Hunter’s note at the end made the novel all the more special. She discusses how THIS HEART OF MINE was based on her husband’s dreams after having a kidney transplant, his and her reactions to that, and how, consequently, she calls this novel the book of her heart. (Pun? Not pun? We’ll never know)


All in all? Perfect book is perfect. Awesome as a contemporary and as a mystery novel, with an addicting plot line and a surprising ending. All the stars from me.


Thank you, Wednesday Books, for the finished copy!


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