Geekerella by Ashley Poston : actors and pumpkins and adorable overall nerdiness

GEEKERELLA is perfect.


Yes, I’m totally serious. It IS perfect. Do you think it’s easy to write something that’s simultaneously enjoyable and adorable and oh-so-addictingly unputdownable (I, a slow reader, finished this in a day)? No, no it’s not. And it made me realize that it seriously has been a while since I loved a book this much.



The creativity, the creativity, the creativity. Honestly, I always believed that CINDER would be the most creative instance of a Cinderella retelling I’d ever read, and yet GEEKERELLA came in here and made me seriously question that viewpoint. Because this was marvelous. Marvelous, I say. Nerdy Prince Charmings and cosplay balls and greasy-yet-magical chimichanga trucks and number swaps? Sooo here for this.






Elle is an awesome lead. Like, she’s the kind of character that I feel would be an IRL friend of mine, you know? I particularly love her fierce resolve in guarding both what she loves and what her father loved from criticism directed at them. That scene, with her stepmother, is easily my favorite. (That and the similar line in Ashley Poston’s acknowledgements.)





Oh, Darien. I love Darien. Nerdy spoiled and privileged teen movie stars with literal insured abs and appreciation for orange soda for the win. His interactions with Elle and also with Gale were spot-on and so enjoyable and I legit could not read this fast enough. Even now, I cannot decide whose chapters I like more, Elle’s or Darien’s. Master (!) writer (!) alert (!), is all I’m saying. The characterization is out of this world.



So all in all : can you tell I love this yet? Please, for the love of creative plots and endearing characters, for gorgeous covers and fandom appreciation, I ask you to pick this up.

(Thanks to Quirk Books for the review copy!)


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